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Hotel San giorgio
Suites in the Heart of the Sassi

Hotel San giorgio
Suite nel Cuore dei Sassi


Your Hotel in the Heart of Matera's Sassi


Welcome to Hotel San Giorgio, your exclusive retreat in the heart of the Sassi di Matera. Ideally located, our hotel provides a unique experience, blending the history and culture of the Sassi with the utmost in modern comfort. Choose from our exclusive suites, each designed to offer you an unforgettable stay amidst the timeless beauty of Matera. Book now to immerse yourself in the authentic charm of the City of Sassi, renowned for the excellence and hospitality recognized by our Guests.

You will always be welcomed by our friendly staff, who will provide you with comprehensive information to make the most of your stay in Matera.

The Ideal Place to Explore Matera

Our property is nestled in the heart of Matera’s Sassi, just steps away from the city’s main attractions. Our spacious Suites have been meticulously restored, respecting the local history and culture, to provide the utmost comfort.

Upon your arrival, you will receive all the necessary information to experience the city in total relaxation.

Cave Dwellings and Aristocratic Mansions: A Unique Stay Experience

The Suites at Hotel San Giorgio, nestled within the Sassi di Matera, offer a distinctive retreat with independent entrances and private outdoor spaces; they provide all the amenities needed to enhance your stay.

These dwellings feature a kitchenette, allowing guests the option to dine and have breakfast in their room. Family accommodations are available for up to 4 guests.