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San Giorgio al Paradiso Caves and  Rock Complex

An extraordinary journey through the history of the Sassi

The San Giorgio al Paradiso Rock Complex winds through one of the most exclusive paths of the Sasso Barisano.
A unique and hidden place where you can read the visual narrative of the adaptations undergone in the millennia-old epochs of the Rock civilization: from an ancient cave, shared by men and animals, the site is ennobled as a church and then becomes an oil mill; finally, in the seventeenth century, it transforms into a cellar for the production and preservation of wine.
A suggestive journey that delves into the intricate system of rainwater collection, still intact, with channels carved into the rock and six wonderful cisterns, explorable on multiple levels, witnessing different historical phases.
The presence of the magnificent statue of San Giorgio, an ancient sculpture of rare workmanship, carved in the hard stone of mazzaro, restores to the complex the lost sacredness.
The itinerary is completed by reaching ancient dwellings, of which it is still possible to admire the original structure.
At the end of the visit, we invite you to stop in the square of the ancient Vicinato” to immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere of the Matera community and receive useful information to continue your visit of the city.

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